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ProLOOK 3 in 1 Rust Converter


ProLOOK 3 in 1 Rust Converter
Prolook-3 in 1 rust converter is a truly outstanding product which was originally designed and tested on ships and oil rigs to fight the toughest of weather the 'North Seaís' can inflict on the metal structures, with its salty water and high winds constantly trying to corrode away the metal, now exclusively available from M. M. Factors (we have been selling this product for the last 12 years) for garages, classic cars and bikes and Boats, homes & DIY use, at amazing prices, it stops rust seals from further rusting and primes the metal all in one application, for best results remove any loose or flaking rust ensure the surface is clean and free from loose rust this unique product can even be applied to damp surfaces, shake bottle (never stir with metallic objects or this will start the curing process that will ruin the whole batch) to thoroughly mix the contents before pouring out sufficient quantity as needed in to a non metallic container, apply with a metal free brush or suitable sprayer, applying a even liberal coat do not try to recoat (a second coat can be applied following the complete drying and converting process see below)
NEVER pore any unused liquid back into the bottle.
1) The white liquid is applied to the rusty surface which immediately starts the conversion of rust by sealing in the rust and converting the rusty surface into a hard impregnable coating.
2) As the sealing and conversion is taking place the white liquid starts to change to a blue colour as it finally gets to work on the rust surface.
3) When the liquid is finishing itís conversion, the blue coating become black before getting harder and harder until the surface is completely sealed. (this can take up to 24 hours to complete the process and will be ready to apply paint when dry or within a few days).
Although the coating can be over painted directly we recommend a primer is used directly on the black hardened coating to avoid bleed through.
This conversion only works on rust so if there is no rust, or if it comes in contact with a non metallic surface the process will not completely take place and the finish may remain in a milky blue state, all though eventually it will harden to allow over coating although this may take several days to complete and even then finish may be a almost a translucent milky grey.

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