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ProLOOK FlexyOil Coating


ProLOOK FlexyOil Coating

Unlike most under body coating FlexyOil is easy to spray, wipe on with a cloth or brush yet when it dries out it remains in a constant flexible state so does not run off the panels in warm weather to block up panel drain holes leading to more rust like some products.
PREPARATION : For best result ensure surfaces to be treated are clean and dry, any rust areas should be previously treated with ProLOOK 3 in 1 Rust Converter before applying ProLOOK FlexyOil Coating, suitable for Inner Door Skins, Inner and Under Wheel Arches, Chassis Box Sections, Battery Boxes, Under Body Sections, Metal Brake & Fuel Pipes along with 1,000s of other applications.

ProLOOK FlexyOil can also be used as a temporary protective coating for components, farm machinery, equipment, and other unpainted metal parts before storing, by spraying or wiping a coating of ProLOOK FlexyOil over the unprotected surface with a spray gun, cloth or paint brush, before reusing remove coating with white spirit.

APPLICATION: There are several low cost sprayers available on the market from hand trigger sprays, hand pump with pressurised container or specially designed under body coating guns to run off an air compressor, if possible try to apply on a non humid dry day without high winds, always when lifting or jacking up any vehicle ensure the vehicle is safe and secure before starting, cover or mask all surfaces not to be coated to avoid overspray along with ground covers, always follow Health and Safety along with the relevant vehicles safety notes, Always shake can to ensure the contents are correctly mixed before use (repeat this at regular intervals, also in cold weather if required by standing the can in warm water the FlexyOil will reduce in viscosity this may especially be beneficial if using a fine nozzle spray ). Give a liberal coating to any substrate requiring treatment pay special attention to seams and overlapping panels, be careful not to apply too heavier coats on vertical panels as this may have a tendency to run and possible block drain holes (always check all drain holes are not blocked a few days after applying the coating)a brush or cloth can be used to fade out runs, allow to dry before use some dripping may be seen this is quite normal and will stop once the WaxyOil has fully dried, (ensure FlexyOIL does not come in contact with tyres as this may cause skidding) it may be necessary to open windows when using for the first few days, as the coating may not have completely dried out. A second coating can be applied after a week or so to re-coat any parts that are not adequately covered. Clean any splashes to paintwork, spray guns and brushes immediately after use with warm soapy water or white spirit, if hands have come in contact with the FlexyOil clean using ProLOOK Lemon Beaded
Hand Gel or warm soapy water.

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